9 Tips in Decorating Your Entry Way

September 21, 2021

Do you have a too-small of a porch for your liking? A porch with a cramped space can look just as big and beautiful as expansive decks and patios– if you know how to make the most out of it! The good news is, you can also apply these tips and techniques to your entryways, no matter the size!

Transform your front porch to a place where you and your family can relax during lazy, windy afternoons!

Here are nine ideas to help you turn that compact outdoor square footage to your advantage.

1. Go for Symmetry

Adopt a streamlined, symmetrical design to help your small front porch appear much larger. Accessorize the space with simple chairs with matching pillows on either side of the door, and flank the front steps with identical potted plants and achieve a balanced look without appearing too cluttered.

2. Use Every Inch of That Space

Don’t let the limited square footage hold you back from creating an inviting front porch. Even if you only have a few spare feet of space next to the door, you’ll still have enough room for a cozy sitting nook. Be sure to choose lightweight, low-profile furniture that can be easily moved and find dual-purpose pieces to complete the look of your front porch.

3. Scale Down on Your Outdoor Furniture

Are you a dweller with a small front porch? Here’s a tip for you!

Get sized-down outdoor furniture for your space to avoid that overwhelming feeling. Look for round, accent-size tables and choose comfy chairs without arms for your seating to reduce visual bulk. Sectional sofas that pull apart also do the trick.

4. Include Pillows to Your Decor

Adding pillows are a cheap and clever way to add color and character to space without making it visually heavy. Get some pillow fabrics that complement your furniture and perch them on a porch swing or any other seating for an easy update.

5. Create Small Zones by Purpose

Dividing a large front porch by purpose is quite easy, but the good news is, you can utilize the same principle for your small front porch too! Dedicate the space in the front of your door for letting people move in and out of the house, and use the few square feet that you have in the corner for a relaxing conversation nook by tucking in two comfortable chairs and a petite area rug.

6. Match Your Plants According to the Size of Your Porch

Any overgrown tree, shrub, and plant can overpower your small front porch so opt for dwarf or midsized options when getting plants at the nursery or home improvement stores. Scaled-down plants add restrained structure and beauty to a small space, so be sure to get some for your home.

7. Reduce Your Front Porch Clutter

Knickknacks and furniture stashed in corners may easily distract from the livability of a small space. Get rid of anything that’s dated, worn out, or ill-used, and make sure to include only the things that have purpose and charm.

8. Soften the Edges With Some Greenery

Blur the lines between your front porch and the yard to help your pint-size space feel bigger. Use appropriate sizes of containers or hanging baskets to help. You can also plant trailing flowers in hues that tie your color scheme and blend the hardscape with the soft scape.

9. Perfect Hues to Trick the Eye

Color combos can create a sense of visual expansiveness that can help disguise a space’s limited dimensions. Use pastel colors to foster a light, open feel. Achieving a great balance of light and dark hues will also create a coziness that doesn’t feel overwhelming.

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